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Velour Lashes

Posted 01/03/15 by Kelly and filed under:

Our brand is designed for the class of sophisticated women who personify the essence of elegance. It is not only about being the most fashionable nor the most beautiful; being elegant encompasses a particular confidence, class, culture, and mannerism.

When it comes to our line of Velour Lashes, we aim to exemplify the facets of elite status – high quality, high class, and super luxurious. Whether it is a day out to the mall or to a big social event, a pair of Velour Lashes is a must to complete our look.

Launched and based in Toronto, each pair of Velour strip lashes are individually handmade with 100% authentic mink fur and are CRUELTY FREE. Custom designed to achieve your desired look and to set you apart from the crowd. The Velour mission is to instill in young women a sense of elegance and prominence when wearing our lashes and most of all, having a great time while doing so!

Providing you with high quality lashes that are long lasting, lightweight, comfortable, and super fabulous; we are proud and excited to present to you our custom line of 100% mink fur, Velour Lashes!

Velour Lashes provide up to 25 uses per pair.

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