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Michal Negrin

Posted 12/08/14 by Kelly and filed under:

Beginning in Tel Aviv in 1988, Michal Negrin Designs are now sold worldwide. Following her passion, Michal personally designs each piece in her collections with such unique style. The collections are characterized by the classical Neo-Victorian era and vintage style, using cameos with Madonnas adorned with semo precious stones, gold and silver plating, and more. Certain pieces are particularly detailed, made by interweaving fragments and layering elements to form a mosaic. All items are handmade using materials of the highest quality. Jewelry bases are made from nickel-free brass, combined with leather, lace, glass beads, and Swarovski crystals. Silver and gold touch collections are made with the highest standard of silver and 24 karat gold. Michal Negrin offers a lifetime warranty on her entire jewelry collection.


*Please note: This is a sample selection of the artist’s work. These particular pieces may not be available for purchase.