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Cedar Mountain

Posted 01/03/15 by Kelly and filed under:

Long before the days of the internet and web-based stores, Don was touting his crafty wares to the best gift shops in Vancouver. This is how he and Suzanne met. One day while she was working in a hip little shop, Don ‘the bird man’ came in to show off his hand-crafted wooden bird toy, a project inspired by his work in theatre design.

Don’s wooden birds were a hit among friends and family alike, and from then on, he and Suzanne have worked together to create original decorative works to inspire and entertain. After one too many commutes in Vancouver, Don and Suzanne gave up city life and made the big move to Salt Spring Island.

Home to a diverse community of artists, musicians, writers, farmers, old timers and new travellers, Salt Spring attracts thousands of tourists from around the globe every year to visit its diverse Saturday Market and beautiful landscapes. We love being a part of this creative and dynamic community. Though our commute across the lawn is short, Cedar Mountain keeps us hopping.


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