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Allpresan Foot Care Foam

Posted 11/22/11 by Kelly and filed under:

Recommended for: diabetic foot syndrome, scaly skin, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, chapped and cracked hands and those who use cleaning chemicals, detergents and disinfectants.

Features: The key ingredient is Urea, that is a well-documented skin moisturizer. There is no other product currently on the market with a similar formulation and scientific studies carried out in Europe have already confirmed the product’s effectiveness. Manufactured in Europe, Allpresan represents a “scientific breakthrough” for dry skin. Allpresan maintains the natural skin functions (i.e. transpiration and breathing). These innovative products are specific for the protection and care of stressed and sensitive skin. Allpresan’s signature Cream Foam Technology coats the skin with a two-dimensional, two-phase protective layer. This protective layer protects the skin against harm from external influences and the effects of daily use. However, this protective layer also allows the release of perspiration and the flow of oxygen

Usage Instructions: It is important to shake well before use. To dispense, hold the can vertically downwards; place dispensing nozzle onto the open palm and press gently until required amount is obtained. Please use cream foam sparingly; the size of a walnut is enough for one application. For more economical use, store the can upside down after use.